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PDO Thread Lifts

If you’ve been contemplating a facelift but are reluctant to go under the knife, PDO thread lift is the procedure you’ve been waiting for. It’s sort of a minimally invasive facelift, using injectable threads without any cutting involved. PDO threading is a great way to get rid of sagging skin and banish any signs of a “turkey neck.” Long available in Europe and Asia, and a jet-set favorite, PDO threading is now catching on in the United States. We use Nova threads, tiny hypodermic needles preloaded with PDO absorbable sutures. It’s a painless, relatively quick procedure, with an immediate effect. However, even better results appear in a few months.

PDO Absorbable Sutures


PDO stands for polydioxanone, a synthetic material long used in open-heart and other internal surgeries. PDO threads were developed to dissolve within the body over time. There is no scarring associated with the use of the Nova thread needles and PDO sutures.

How It Works


A tiny needle is threaded beneath the skin, preloaded with PDO threads, and when it is pulled tight the result is a natural uplift. Patients require only local anesthesia. The doctor places the needles in the subcutaneous plane of the skin, not injecting them in too deeply. That reduces the risk of serious bruising.

The entire procedure takes about an hour, although it varies by the treatment size of the area.

Controlled Healing


It takes the skin up to six months to fully absorb the PDO suture. During that time, “controlled healing” is occurring, a selective inflammatory response common to other modalities include microneedling and fractionated laser therapy. That controlled healing includes collagen synthesis stimulation – which keeps the treated area firm for up to 15 months.

Best Practices


A PDO thread lift is effective anywhere, but makes a considerable difference when used on the jawline and neck. In most people, these areas are the first to noticeably sag. It’s also an area that doesn’t respond as well to dermal fillers or Botox as other parts of the face. Use of fillers in this area may give the face too much volume, making it obvious that you’ve had “work” done. PDO threading provides a much more natural look.

Many people choose PDO thread lifts for their brows or cheeks.
While anyone from age 40 and up will benefit from PDO thread lifts, the process works best on people in their 40s and 50s, before significant sagging has taken place.



An ice pack on the face immediately post-treatment reduces swelling. After a PDO threading, patients can resume most normal activities. Within a week, any short-term tenderness should disappear. Avoid strenuous exercise for about three weeks after the procedure.

Side Effects


Any PDO thread lift side effects are generally mild and temporary. These include:

  • Bruising
  • Numbness
  • Swelling

An over-the-counter analgesic or anti-inflammatory suffices for any pain. Occasionally, people experience infections in the treatment areas. If you notice any signs of infection, contact the doctor as soon as possible.

PDO Thread Lift Costs


A PDO thread cost about $1,000, a fraction of the cost of a surgical facelift. Besides the cost, you aren’t dealing with the prolonged recovery time, potential surgical complications and scarring involved with a facelift. A PDO thread lift does not affect a future facelift if you chose to go that route.

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