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New Jersey Varicose Veins Treatment in Fort Lee NJ

Englewood Cosmetic Medical Spa specializes in medical treatment for varicose veins for both women and men in the Fort Lee, New Jersey area. We offer complete treatment that handles all varicose veins no matter where they are on your body. Our target focus is in the leg and hip area. With the right type management you will see a decrease in the presence of varicose veins in your legs or other area in the body. Visit Englewood Cosmetic Medical Spa today for an initial consultation and let our experienced medical staff help rid your skin of varicose veins while enhancing your legs and providing long-terms solutions.


We Provide Varicose Veins Prevention in Fort Lee NJ

At Englewood Cosmetic Medical Spa we do more than just provide Varicose veins surgery. Our goal is to keep varicose veins from ever returning to your skin. Therefore we provide two main types of varicose veins treatment.


Spider Vein Injection

Our medical specialists use sclerotherapy injections that transform the varicose veins into healthy veins once again. Sclerotherapy is a sterile method that causes the pronounced appearance of the vein to slowly fade within a period of two to three weeks. The entire procedure takes about an hour, with multiple treatments being administered as needed.


Laser spider vein treatment

One way to ensure varicose veins prevention is by undergoing an Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) procedure. This is a next-level treatment for venous insufficiency or enlarged veins deep below the skin surface. Symptoms of venous insufficiency veins include cramps, skin discoloration, or abnormal swelling.

Dr. Ali Sherzoy will perform a complete diagnosis and identify the areas of the veins that need treatment. The good news is that that procedure is pain-free and only requires a slight invasion of the skin. The treatment can be administered in a half an hour. The laser identifies the injured vein walls and closes them back up. This allows a smooth flow of blood throughout the veins and improves healthy circulation. Patients will get the results they’re looking for in no time at all.


Varicose Veins Sock for Fort Lee NJ Patients

As either a lighter alternative or a supplement to varicose veins treatment, we recommend also wearing varicose veins socks. Socks, A.K.A. compression stockings, relieve the symptoms of varicose veins. Varicose veins socks also aid in the free circulation of blood throughout the legs and are regularly used among skin enhancement specialists. The socks fit snug around the ankles and feet. They gradually relax as they reach the thighs.

If you are considering varicose veins treatment, then contact Englewood Cosmetic Medical Spa in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Doctor Ali Sherzoy is a board-certified medical technician that has both the experience and training necessary to perform varicose veins surgery. Once you visit our spa, you will experience the results you’ve been looking for with 100% satisfaction. Call us or visit us today!


About the City of Fort Lee, New Jersey

Fort Lee is a town on the eastern tip of Bergen County, New Jersey. It is part of the Metropolitan area of New York City by the Hudson Palisades. The population of Fort Lee is approximately 35,000 according to the last census in 2010. Fort Lee was named after an American Revolutionary War installation. A little-known fact is that the small borough is known as the ‘Birthplace of the American Film Industry.’ Beautiful lakes and forest land surround Fort Lee making it a favorite of visitors who love good food, local entertainment, and relaxation.