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New Jersey Professional Laser Hair Removal in Fort Lee NJ

Englewood Cosmetic Medical Spa is a cosmetic skin care clinic that specializes in personalized cosmetic care for both women and men in the Fort Lee, New Jersey area. We provide a comprehensive approach to personalized treatment for each of our valued patients. Our goal is to make you feel right at home throughout your entire treatment experience. Visit us for an initial consultation and let us show you all the ways that we can enhance and vitalize your skin while providing long-term solutions. At Englewood Cosmetic Medical Spa you are never too young or too old to feel and look beautiful!

Cosmetic Services That We Offer in Fort Lee, New Jersey

We know that our clients want a range of options instead of settling for the same services. With that in mind, we provide you with an array of personalized skin care treatment solutions that get to the heart of what you need. Some of our most popular options include:

  • Laser hair removal. Laser hair removal gets rid of unwanted hair located in various places on the body. With advanced technology, almost anyone is eligible for laser procedures. We offer laser hair removal administered by a certified and skilled physician.
  • Botox. Botox is a procedure that reduces wrinkles and gives you a vibrant young appearance by eliminating wrinkles. The Procedure leaves you feeling restored and invigorated. It is the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure nationwide.
  • Facial Fillers. If you want to diminish lines and wrinkles, then we recommend facial fillers. Fillers restore skin volume that men and women often lose in aging through the years. You come out looking more youthful while exuding a refreshed appearance.
  • Cryolysis fat removal. Also known as “fat freezing,” cryolysis fat removal delivers the same results as liposuction but without the surgery, the pain, or the side effects. In just 1-2 treatments you can remove the fat and rediscover youth thinner self. Our clients come out of cryolysis 100% satisfied!
  • PDO thread lift. Are you looking for an alternative to going under the knife for a facelift? PDO thread lift is a minimally invasive facelift, using injectable threads instead of cutting the skin. It is an excellent way to eliminate sagging skin or the dreaded “turkey neck.” It’s a painless, efficient procedure, with immediate results.

Why Choose Englewood Cosmetic Medical Spa in Fort Lee, New Jersey

At Englewood Cosmetic Medical Spa we are committed to providing the highest level of cosmetic care for the Fort Lee, New Jersey community. We offer one-on-one personalized service with a trained and licensed specialist inside a sanitary and relaxing environment. We take pride in our ability to deliver results with 100% client satisfaction. Our doctor A. Sherzoy is a board-certified medical technician with experience that spans three decades. His expertise includes surgery, medicine cardiology, and aesthetic medicine. To give you the results you’re looking for we commit ourselves to the following:

  • We listen attentively to our patient’s needs with a caring heart and an open mind.
  • We earn the confidence and respect of each patient and our peers in the medical community.
  • We take the extra step to exceed all professional expectations.
  • We create and foster a creative and compassionate professional environment.
  • We practice continuing education and stay current on all modern medical practices and advanced equipment.

About the City of Fort Lee, New Jersey

Fort Lee is a town on the eastern tip of Bergen County, New Jersey. It is part of the Metropolitan area of New York City by the Hudson Palisades. The population of Fort Lee is approximately 35,000 according to the last census in 2010. Fort Lee was named after an American Revolutionary War installation. A little-known fact is that the small borough is known as the ‘Birthplace of the American Film Industry.’ Beautiful lakes and forest land surround Fort Lee making it a favorite of visitors who love good food, local entertainment, and relaxation.