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Facial Filler Service in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

Englewood Cosmetic Medical Spa is committed to providing you with exceptional one-on-one cosmetic care. Our clinic’s patient-centric approach to personalized treatment will help you feel relaxed and revitalized throughout your visit. From your first meeting with our clinicians to your comprehensive treatment, our entire team is here to help you look and feel beautiful inside and out.

Services We Offer in Englewood, Cliffs New Jersey

Facial Fillers

If you prefer fuller lips, fewer wrinkles, and enhanced volume, then facial fillers will do wonders for your appearance. Filler procedure consists of inserting the element into the treated facial area. In many instances the results are instantaneous. Fillers range from calcium hydroxyapatite and polylactic acid to fat, hyaluronic acid, and even collagen. Each has their unique beautifying effect.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal relieves you of undesired hair in the wrong places. We offer long term, and in some cases, permanent treatment for each of our valued clients. Highly-intensity light invades the hair follicles. The pigment found in the follicles intercepts the light, thus, eliminating all hairs. Most customers need four to seven settings to remove unwanted hair, with ongoing treatment every four to six weeks.


Botox reverses the signs of aging by rounding skin creases. Injections are given through small needles that cause little sensation. Botox contains small doses of Clostridium botulinum that prevent muscles from shrinking causing wrinkles to disappear. You should expect lines and wrinkles to go away within five days of therapy. Within fourteen days, you’ll see 100% results.


Cryolysis targets fat cells just beneath the top layer of skin. By freezing the subcutaneous fat, Cryolysis can accomplish fat reduction without harming the skin. It operates similarly to a vacuum. An applicator draws the skin along with the accompanying tissue between two plates that freeze the fat tissue. Since this method is non-intrusive is relatively painless. Once frozen, the fat cells die and are removed from the body. Treatment is quick, and results occur almost instantly.

PDO Thread Lift

If you are looking for a knife-free facelift method, then try PDO thread lift. By using injectable threads without any cutting, thread lift is a great way to get rid of sagging skin in the neck area. We utilize Nova threads which are tiny hypodermic needles that are preloaded with PDO sutures. The results are immediate, and you will feel virtually no pain.r

About Our Cosmetic Medical Spa Available to Clients in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

At Englewood Cosmetic Spa our mission is clear. We offer comprehensive cosmetic treatment to each of our customers with personalized care from our renowned doctor, A. Sherzoy. Dr. Sherzoy is a board-certified physician who has been helping patients for over 30 years. He has extensive experience in the field of cosmetic surgery. He also specializes in medicine-cardiology as well as aesthetic enhancement.

About the City of Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

Englewood Cliffs is located only a few minutes from the George Washington Bridge. It is filled with a rich and vibrant community that enjoys unique dining, downtown shopping, and lush scenery. Englewood Cliffs is only 9 miles from the New York City Metropolitan area. It is conveniently located next to all the main airports and renowned medical centers in the New Jersey area. As of the 2010 census, the population of Englewood Cliffs is just under 5300. It is also known as the headquarters of CNBC as well as two popular car manufacturers, Ferrari and Maserati North America.