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PDO Thread Lift Services in Teaneck, New Jersey

If you are looking for a more practical approach to cosmetic treatment, then visit Englewood Cosmetic Medical Spa. Our entire team of medical specialists are highly trained and certified in all modern aesthetic practices. We provide PDO thread lifts, facial fillers, laser hair removal, Botox, and cryolysis fat removal for all clients in the Teaneck, New Jersey area. Contact us today and let us help you enhance your facial and bodily features.
At Englewood Cosmetic Medical Spa we strive to offer many options for clients to pinpoint their exact needs. Some of our most popular products and services include:

  • PDO Thread Lifts. PDO thread lifts are a unique approach to facelifts. Instead of cutting into the skin we use injectable threats that lift and tighten the skin around your neck and face area. We use Nova threads, small hypodermic needles that are filled with PDO sutures that tuck and hold the skin so that you can get rid of that dreaded “turkey neck.”
  • Facial Fillers. With facial fillers, you can now enjoy fuller lips and enhanced facial volume with less noticeable wrinkles throughout the skin. Our physician inserts the filler into the preferred facial area. When the procedure is complete, you’ll instantly notice the areas where your skin is drastically improved. We use several different types of fillers all designed to target your specific needs.
  • Laser Hair Removal. When it comes to hair mitigation, no method in the industry is as effective as laser removal. Laser treatment offers long-term results in only a few visits. Most clients only require four to six sessions to remove hair in the desired areas. In many cases, the treatment produces permanent results. Laser treatment creates an intense light that destroys the follicles for good.
  • Botox. If you want to restore your youthful looks, then we recommend Botox injections. Botox reverses the aging process that happens with your skin. Small injections are given through tiny needles that contain Clostridium botulinum. The procedure eliminates muscles shrinkage. With firm muscles, wrinkles will disappear, and the smooth contours of your skin will return. You’ll begin to see results within the first week. By the end of the second week, your skin will look remarkably better.
  • Cryolysis. Forget liposuction. There’s an easier, less painful way to destroy the fat in your body. It’s called Cryolysis. By freezing the fat just under the skin, the fat cells instantly die removed from the body. It’s a non-intrusive that produces zero pain. You get the benefits of liposuction by using a fast more efficient method that works long-term.

Why You Should Choose Our Cosmetic Treatment Spa in Teaneck, New Jersey

When it comes to finding the right cosmetic treatment, it’s important to choose a physician you can trust to give you results in a safe manner. Doctor A. Sherzoy has been practicing aesthetic medicine for over 30 years. He is board-certified and highly skilled in all areas of cosmetic medicine. He takes the time to work with each client personally and wants to make sure that your experience at Englewood Cosmetic Medical Spa meets or exceeds all your expectations. Do not trust your body to anyone less than the best. Contact us today and let us help you with all your cosmetic needs.

About the City of Teaneck, New Jersey

Teaneck New Jersey is a melting pot of cultural diversity. It is a small but thriving progressive community that has experienced significant business growth over the past few decades. Beautiful parks and natural scenery surround the area and make it irresistible. It’s a place where families can come and feel right at home. It is the home of several Revolutionary War events. Teaneck is also just minutes from downtown New York City.