COVID-19 Message for our devoted clients

COVID-19 Message for our devoted clients

We hope you and your families are healthy and safe!

Much has transpired in our local community, our country and our world in the last few weeks. I am sending a heartfelt thanks to you, my dear patients for always being grateful and attentive to my advice on your cosmetic and general healthcare.

The current turbulent times have been difficult and anxiety-producing for all of us. However, this is also a moment in which all of us can spend more time with our families, connect with loved ones and share our gratitude for all that we do have.

Please make sure to always apply sunblock regularly when outside, eat healthy and keep a positive attitude. We will all pass these difficult times together.

In case of emergency, please don’t hesitate to call (201) 256-0583. I am always there for you.

I’m offering a 1-2-1 complimentary 30 mins consultation to review any questions/concerns you have regarding your cosmetic health and overall well being. Call (201) 256-0583 and we’ll schedule a date & time that’s convenient
A. Sherzoy

God bless you and all.